Motivated Seminars Tampa - Karen The Kind Kangaroo Allyson Kirkpatrick


Karen The Kind Kangaroo Allyson Kirkpatrick

Karen the Kind Kangaroo

by Allyson Kirkpatrick

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Karen is a strong and independent kangaroo who decides she deserves a trip to the nail salon. Along the way, she meets some new friends who are in need of her help. Will she make it to the nail salon? Or will she sacrifice her time to help some fellow animals in trouble? Read to find out! There are books about women being independent, and there are books about how everyone is beautiful, but there are no books about how kindness makes us feel beautiful. Today, a lot of young girls and even boys too, think that their bodies are the ultimate expression of self worth. Magazines and media are teaching young children that you have to have the perfect body, perfect skin, fancy clothes, wear lots of makeup, and beyond to be beautiful. While it is okay to want to have a healthy body, beauty products, and nice clothes, that does not define you. Your actions do. This book will be a good example to young children that beauty comes from the inside.

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[PDF] The Minimalist Mindset: The Practical Path to Making Your Passions a Priority and to Retaking Your Freedom alt="Allyson Kirkpatrick">
Allyson's home and design business is in Huntsville, AlabamaMrRobert MaestasLee

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